Merry Christmas

Dearest Unity CommUnity, 
This evening is our Annual Candlelighting service. There we will celebrate the birth of Jesus the Christ which contributes to us recognizing the Christ born within us. This reawakening allows us to understand our connection to all. On Sunday, we are having our Kwanzaa service. It is the first day of Kwanzaa and the principle is Unity. Both services assist each of us with understanding how connected we truly are simply because there is the same indwelling presence within each of us. When we listen to the still small voice within us, we can easily join our hearts and minds with all. We are able to accept our Divine nature and affirm it with all there is. I invite you to join us this evening at 7pm and at 10am for our Sunday service. I look forward to seeing you then. Namaste.
Infinite Blessings,
Reverend Edith